Staff Courses


AmeriCorps 101

Course Description: On3Learn’s AmeriCorps 101 for Staff is an engaging introduction to AmeriCorps and helps staff explore fundamentals and context, providing information, resources and strategies to support your members, sites and other stakeholders. Click here to learn more about the AmeriCorps 101 for Staff course.


AmeriCorps Member Files

Course Description: At the heart of running a compliant AmeriCorps program, is strong policies and procedures around your member files and documents.  This course is designed to help you implement high-quality and compliant member document files. Click here to learn more about the AmeriCorps Member Files for Staff course.


Prohibited Activities

Course Description: On3Learn’s Prohibited Activities for Staff provides participants an opportunity to develop an understanding of prohibited activities – what they are, their importance, how they show up, and where they are cited.  With that knowledge, program staff will be able to train and support their partners, organization staff and members on prohibited activities.  As a result, programs will be able to adhere to this important compliance area. This course also includes a pre-test and post-test to track your progress and knowledge gained. Click here to learn more about the Prohibited Activities for Staff course.


Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget – Part 1: Compliance and Technical Components

Course Description: In Part 1 of the Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget for Staff Course, you will find a detailed description of the many compliance and technical components required to set up and manage your AmeriCorps funds.  Click here to learn more about the Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget -Part 1 course.



Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget – Part 2: Budget Types and Financial Reporting


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Number of Courses PurchasedASC Members
Cost Per Course
Non-ASC Members
Cost Per Course
1 - 4 courses$150.00/course$200.00/course
5 - 10 courses$130.00/course$180.00/course
11 - 20 courses$110.00/course$160.00/course
21+ courses$90.00/course$140.00/course